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VGDC @ UCSD - Wi2022

UCLA x UCSD Game Jam Submissions

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Fall Triton-Ware Projects 🔱

Triton Overworked

Dominic Feliton, Hanzen Shou, Seth Chng-Lim, William Supian, Yi An Chao, Yiyi Huang


James Kim, Zee, Davidw, Emily, Kevin G


Maxim Tarasevich, Sahil, Daisy Hu, Fiona

Officer Projects 👀

An update of what our officers have been actively working on.

  • Overflowed - Listed above!
  • Triton Overworked - Also listed above!
  • Contract Killer - Steam - Aiden, Alex, Leon, Matthew L.
  • ENCHAIN - Steam - Matthew L.